History of Custom Maid

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Custom Maid first put our mops out there in 1984.  Originally opened as a franchise of one the national chains, we recognized immediately that their business model lacked the flexibility and the personal touch for the vision we had in mind.

Within a year or two we parted ways, changed the name to Custom Maid, and changed our approach to one where the customer is king, not the franchise office 1,500 miles away.  We’ll clean it your way with no set menus. Tell us how, when, and where you want it–it’s yours.

We haven’t changed very much since we first created the concept of “Custom Cleaning.”  In fact, we still have customers from the very first year we mopped a floor over a quarter of a century ago.  We like to think that here at Custom Maid, clean is more than a state of mind, it’s a tradition.

An Arizona tradition since 1984.

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