House Cleaning – a Philosophy

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House cleaning is not a chore.  At the highest spiritual levels it is a philosophy, an understanding, and even a worldview.  Followed to its deepest levels of self-actualization it is in fact, a Zen.  A clean home is a clean soul.

The Zen of House Cleaning

At Custom Maid, we understand that as sure as every home is different, so is every homeowner.  You can’t clean every house with a cookie cutter approach–it just doesn’t make any sense.  So at Custom Maid, we tailor your cleaning to your needs and your lifestyle.  You can tell us what you want, how and when you want it done.  This is just the beginning of the  Custom Cleaning Process.  As time goes by your needs change.  Maybe your family changes – you get a dog or have a baby or perhaps you become empty nesters.  Custom Maid is there for you to help you adapt by changing our process to something that fits your new lifestyle…………………………Feeling the Zen yet?

How We Get It Done

It’s house cleaning not rocket science.  You can buy all the fancy high-tech vacuums you want, and you can throw all kinds of exotic chemicals at those stains.  But in the end, the single most important element in house cleaning is just plain old ELBOW GREASE.  The greatest mop in the world is useless if you don’t put some muscle behind it.

That’s where Custom Maid comes in.

Let’s face it, anybody can wipe a sponge over some calcite build up. But if you need to take off layers of calcite, there are only two ways to do it, you can either put your back into it, or you can call Custom Maid and let the professionals handle it.  There is something to be said for three decades of experience.

And here’s the hook ……….. it’s at a price you can afford!

At Custom Maid we want to work with you to create a cleaning program you can afford.  Regardless of your budget we are confident there is a cleaning solution for you.

We wrap all that up in a Satisfaction Guarantee and call it our

  ~  Zen of House Cleaning Philosophy  ~

Make the customer happy — period.


keep calm funny


We offer…

-Weekly Service

-Biweekly Service

-Monthly service

-One time cleanings are no problem

-We specialize in move-ins and move-outs

We will provide…

-All the necessary labor, equipment, and supplies at no extra charge

-If you prefer that we use your cleaning products or equipment, that’s no problem either

We have…

-Over 25 years experience

-All of our maids are bonded and insured

-Most of them have been with us for 5 – 12 years

-All of our maids are fully trained professionals

-Of course all of our work is at a price you can afford & FULLY GUARANTEED!


So what are you waiting for? 

Call today for a FREE estimate

(480) 941-2993




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