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Why use a professional cleaning service?  There are many possible reasons so we will just list a few:

  1. Professional maids are trained to handle the many different types of stains, cleaning agents, equipment and situations.
  2. They are trained to work together in teams quickly and efficiently.
  3. They are subjected to extensive background checks and screening.
  4. They are Bonded and Insured.
  5. They come to your home fully equipped with vacuums, mops, rags, buckets, brooms, and all manner of cleaning supplies.


These are the easily quantifiable benefits.  But there are also underlying benefits which are less obvious but none the less have high value impact on your life in quite subtle ways.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Research Division of the Cleaning and Janitorial Council of Phoenix

 Customers of Custom Maid

reported the following:


  • They are, on average, 47% more attractive than those of competing cleaning services and 19% report their marriages have improved since using Custom Maid.
  • They are 22% healthier, 26% stronger, and on average, live 23% longer than customers of our competitors.
  • 14% of our customers report their golf scores have improved by at least 2 strokes.
  • Our customers score 53% higher on the Grayson Job Satisfaction Scale and….
  • 27% report they have received raises or promotions within 90 days of starting Custom Maid’s services.
  • Children of our customers report raising their grades by as much as a full mark since using our services and…..
  • 63% of those kids who applied to Ivy League schools were accepted.
  • 44% report their pets are better behaved and another 12% report that lost pets have returned home since using Custom Maid.


So what are you waiting for?  Call today for a

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